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Alonso Mudarra: Tres libros de musica...

Bakfark Facsimile

Ballet Lute Book

Barbetta 1582

Bianchini 1547

BSB, 1597

BSB, 1592

BSB, 1684

BSB, 1595

Boteler Cittern Book

The Braye Lute Book at Yale

Bruxelles B-BC FA VI 10

Dallis Lute Book

Die Lautenbucher Philipp Hainhofers, (1578 - 1647), Gottingen, 1999

Denss 1594 Facsimiles of vihuela and baroque guitar music

Elisabeth von Hessen Lute Book

Fuhrmann Testudo Gallo-Germanica

Konigsberg LMAB RS F 15-285

Le Corpus Des Luthistes: Capirola; Spinacino, Libro primo and Spinacino, Libro Secundo

Hinterleuthner 1699

Judenkunig, Hans: Ain schone Kunstliche Underweisung ..., Wien, [1523]

Judenkunig, Hans: Utilis et compendaria introductio...

Kargel 1586


Thomas Mace Musick's Monument

Melii Intavolatura di Liuto Attiorbato Libro Secondo
Melii Intavolatura di Liuto Attiorbato Libro Terzo

Music by Guillaume Morlaye
  Premier Livre de Psalmes... 1554
  Premier Livre ... 1552
  Second Livre ... 1558
  Troisiesme Livre ... 1558

Neusidler, Hans: Ein Newgeordent Kuenstlich Lautenbuch...

Newsidler, Melchior: Teutsch Lautenbuch...

Ochsenkhun, Sebastian: Tabulaturbuch auff die Lauten...

Otley Cittern Book [US-CAh Mus.181]

Paladino, Giovanni P.: TABVLATVRE DE LVTZ...

Robinson, Thomas: New Citharen Lessons 1609

The Dancing Master

Stadtsbibliotek Berlin Ms. Danzig 4022 French tab x 1620

Stadtsbibliotek Berlin Ms. Danzig 40588 German tablature

Vallet Le second Livre de Tablature de Luth

Vallet Paradisus musicus testudinis

Vallet Psalmen Davids

Vaudry de Saizenay manuscript

Waissel, Matthaus: Tabulatura... 1573

Worl Lute Book

Other links

Dissertation by Gary Dean Beekman: The Sacred Lute: Intabulated Chorales from Luther's Age to the beginnings of Pietism

Dissertation by Adam Wead: Lute Tuning and Temperament in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries

Sarge Gerbode's site

Early Music News Lots of Early Music Information

Martin Shepherd's site Check under Piece of the Month

Lute Society of America Check under Downloads and Publications - Retro-Publications

English Lute Society Check under Free Downloads and if you are interested in facsimilies they have some great things at very reasonable prices.

Harpsichord and Lute Music in 17th Century France by David John Ledbetter

Julia Craig-McFeeley's dissertation including indexes of all the English lute manuscripts

The Lute Book of Jollas - baroque lute music collected by Arto Wikla

Hector Sequera's Thesis: House Music For Recusants in Elizabethan England: Performance Practice in the Music Collection of Edward Paston (1550-1630)

Thomas Schall's Lute Music Downloads

Charles de Lespine Lutenist and Composer By Kenneth Sparr with all versions of the 30 lute solors in viel ton tuning ed. by John H. Robinson

Fronimo the program for lute tablature

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