• A Thanks

    We want to thank Wayne Cripps for his dedicated service to the lute community. When we heard he was retiring, we were inspired to start a new for sale list to carry on his fine example.
  • Appropriate instruments for this list

    This list is for lutes and related fretted stringed instruments in vogue primarily from the medieval to eras after baroque.
  • Security and Spam Warning

    The vast majority of people who have bought instruments, had no problems with the purchase process and found them as advertised. But as you no doubt know, the Internet can be an unfriendly place with many criminals. Please consider the following suggestoins:

    Here is how you add an instrument to the lutes for sale list:

    A Request

    The For-Sale list is offered here to the entire lute community, both LSA members and non-members. If you're not a member, please consider joining the LSA or making a contribution.