Five versions of same tune:
    Jolly Robbin - BM Add 31392 f.25r
    Robin [galliard] - Cosens Lute Book f.32v
    Sweet Robyne - Pickering f.22v
    Robin is to the green wood gone - Anonymous Folger "Dowland" Ms. fl6v
    Robin Hood - Euing ff.46v-47

Two versions of Chow bente and a score comparing them:
    Chow bente Dd.2.11 f.79
    Chow bente Pickering f. 32v
    Chow bente - Pickering & Dd.2.11 score

Two versions of Loth to Depart
    Loth to Depart Euing f. 28/2
    Loth to Depart Pickering Manuscript f. 33

Four versions of the Mousier's Almain:
    Mousieur's Almain - Dd.2.11 ff.33v-34r
    Mousieur's Allmain - Dd.933 f.47
    Monnseirs Almain - Dd.4.22 f.12
    Mounsieur's Almain - Euing f.19v

Two versions of Paul's Wharf:
    Paul's Wharf - US-Ws V.b.280 (Folger) f. 4v
    Paul' Wharf - Arranged from the Fitzwilliam Virginal Book

Three versions of the Queen's Pantofle:
    Queen's Pantofle - Dd.9.33 f.83v
    Queen's Pantofle - Euing f.29v
    A Toy [Queen's Pantofle] - Thomas Robinson The Schoole of Musicke
   Pantofle defined

Two versions of Rosasolis:
    Rosasolis - arranged from the Fitzwilliam Virginal Book
    Gigue [Rosasolis] - Thomas Robinson's The Schoole of Musicke
   Rosasolis defined

Two versions of the same galliard:
    [Galliard] Marsh p.89
    Galliard by Richard Grene? - Willoughby ff.32-32v

Three versions of the Spanish Pavan:
    Spanish Pavan by Francis Pilkington, BM Add 31392 f.25v
    Spanish Pavan - Thomas Robinson's The Schoole of Musicke
    Spanish Pavan - Wickhambrook

Two versions of Tinternell:
    Tinternell - Dd. 2.11 f. 59v
    Il nodo di gordio [Tinternell] - Board Lute Book ff. 21v-22

Three versions of the Jew's Dance:
    Jew's Dance f. 38/2
    Jew's Dance Arranged from Morley Consort

    Jew's Dance Arranged for 2 Lutes - Lute 1
    Jew's Dance Arranged for 2 Lutes - Lute 2

Two versions of the Packington's Pound:
    Packington's Pound - Fitzwilliam Virginal Book
    Packington's Pound - GB-Cu Nn.6.36.f.m21

Two versions of The Sick Tune:
    Sick Tune - GB-Cu Dd.9.33 ff. 73 & 72v
    Sick Tune - GB-WPForester Welde f.5

Two versions of Watkin's Ale:
    Watkin's Ale - Fitzwilliam Virginal Book
    Watkin's Ale - Welde

Now to Bed
Wolsey's Wild Variation on Ronn McFarlane's originally published in the LSA Quarterly.
What If A Day - Folger "Dowland" Ms.

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